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Welcome to Je'Vel Productions


Je’Vel immigrated to New York City from St. Lucia at 7 years old. He later studied music at LaGuardia High School which brought the world Nicki Minaj, Azaelia Banks, and more. 


Due to a lack of knowledge of resources in music at that time, he turned to fashion and event production instead. He found himself climbing the ranks of many brands, the peak thus far, being one of the managers of the Met Gala at 27 and 28 years old. 


He left that position in search of something more in line with his passion for music and creating with other artists. Je’Vel is a multi-media connoisseur, well-versed in marketing and public relations. A renaissance man, he aims to lend his skill set and experience to strengthen efforts to diversify the musical, artistic, and business experience-especially in the areas of LGBTQIAP+, people of color, and gender diversity.  

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